for Leaflet


Create Maps with the Leaflet API.

Map Builder for Leaflet is a handy utility for quickly and easily generating maps with Leaflet, the open-source JavaScript library for creating web-based maps on mobile and desktop devices.

With Map Builder, you can churn out a map in record time with many Leaflet API options supported, including adding a maker and popup window.


Supports Leaflet API

Utilizes the Leaflet API, an open-source library, to generate maps for use on mobile and desktop devices.

Dozens of Options

Implements many of the Leaflet API features, including adding a marker icon and popup info box.

Instant Preview

See any changes you make to the map settings right away with the built-in preview.

Easy to Use

No extensive knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript required, suitable for beginners and pros.

Save Your Map

Save your map and upload it to the web or use it as a boilderplate for a more advanced map.

Help File

Documentation comes with helpful tips and lists of map tile resources, both free and commercial.