for CloudFront


Submit invalidations to CloudFront (AWS).

Note: This app is not available via the Mac App Store.

InvalidationBuilder for CloudFront submits invalidations, no need to type out complex Terminal commands.

Do you find it tedious to log into AWS every time you want to clear cached files from CloudFront edge locations?


Works with AWS CLI

Makes calls to the AWS CLI (Command Line Interface). No need to remember complex terminal commands or log into AWS.

Multiple Profiles

Supports multiple profiles if you have more than one AWS account or several access keys under the same account.

Displays Distributions

Shows all your CloudFront distributions and allows you to select which one to work with under a given named profile.

Saves File Paths

No need to re-enter file paths every time, speeds up submitting and testing.

Check Interval

Auto-checks invalidation status at an interval of your choosing (supports from 1-10 min).

Completion Alert

Gives you a visual and audible alert when the invalidation status changes to completed.